5 important things to get your Kenai Real Estate ready to sell


Are you ready to sell your Kenai Real Estate? Heres a checklist of things you make have over looked.

Information:  Provide potential buyers with all the
information they want upon request.  Most
common questions are:  When was the roofing
replaced? Are there any new additions to the house?

Staging:  Clean up and remove all clutter.  Less is more, and you want the buyers to be
able to envision your home as their own. It’s best if the walls are a neutral
color so buyers can envision their own belongings in your living space.  Lime green might be fun, but when it comes to
selling, it can do more harm than good. Lastly, consider renting a carpet

Damages:  Patch sheet rock, replace broken electrical
outlets or cracked windows.

Curb appeal: This
is one of the most important updates you can make!  Touch up the exterior paint, remove the snow
from your driveway and walk way, or make your yard look immaculate, plant
flowers. The more inviting, the better offers you’ll get. It is important to
remember this is the buyers’ first impression of your property. Power wash your
driveway and fence. A simple power wash can restore their looks and their

Aroma:  Finally, have your house smelling great!  Some options are baking cookies, putting out
fresh flowers, or burning candles. Make your home inviting.

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