5 Ways To Know if Your Home is “The One” on the Kenai Peninsula


These days, there are so many homes on the market so it makes choosing one extremely difficult. If you’re searching for a home here in Kenai or Soldotna, here are 5 ways that you might know that the home you’re looking at might be “The One”.

1. You feel possessive about it– If you walk into a home and leave wondering how quickly you can get the offer on the table, how much you would offer to beat the other person’s price, or what you can do to lock it in as quickly as possible, then you might have found “The One.”

2. You start rationalizing its flaws away– If you walk into a home and start seeing the homes traits as things you wouldn’t normally consider, but yet you like the place so much that they don’t matter anymore, then you may have found “The One.”

3. The bathroom and kitchen don’t disgust you– When you look at other people’s homes what are the two things you want to see the cleanest? The bathroom and the kitchen. You know what goes on in there and you know that it’s unsanitary. So if you find yourself absolutely loving every part of both of those rooms that might be an indication that this home could be “The One.”

4. You involuntarily start envisioning your family, furniture, decorations, and daily activities in the home– If you start photo shopping everything in the house and place your family and furniture there, then you may have found “The One.”

5. Losing interest in seeing other homes– Many people search for months, even years, to find their perfect home. So when you find a home here on the Kenai Peninsula that is absolutely perfect, you might not want to look further. When you have found “The One” you don’t want to waste any more energy on looking at other homes that you could be putting into moving into your new home.

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