If your aim is to become one of the satisfied Kenai Peninsula Real Estate sellers whose real estate experiences are contributing to the improving 2013 market, pay attention to the technical details. Today’s buyers tend to be mindful of the difference between homes that are fully move-in ready and those that “just need a little work.”  You can count on the incoming offers being discounted to include some wiggle room for the expense they fear they will incur after purchasing the property…and sometimes the size of that wiggle ‘room’ is auditorium-sized.

One detail that draws considerable attention is the state of major appliances, so ­—

·         Upgrade Elderly Appliances

If the appliances have been around for as long as you have, upgrading them will go a long way toward satisfying prospective buyers. No one wants to run the risk of becoming victimized by ancient dishwashers or clothes dryers. Any appliance with a brand new warranty card pointedly taped to the door handle makes the point — even to those who hadn’t thought about it earlier.

·         Consider Stainless Steel

Kenai sellers may worry that stainless is somewhat of a hassle to clean, yet modern-looking appliances remain near the top of buyers’ wish lists. The fact is stainless steel just looks luxurious — even in a kitchen that’s long in the tooth. If you can’t afford to completely refurbish your appliances in stainless, aim for the most prominent one. Just a single fridge or range can do the trick.

·         Upgrade to More Energy-Friendly Appliances

Homes sellers who offer energy-wise appliances just seem to attract better offers, and may also sell faster. Energy prices are likely to continue rising, and frugal buyers look there as one way to reduce their long-term living costs. If your appliances are more energy friendly than those of your competitors, don’t be shy about letting potential buyers know it!

Sellers in Kenai today have many options in their choice of REALTOR®. If you’re preparing to sell your home this fall, I hope you will consider inviting me to interview for the job. I’d love to put my resources to work for you!

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