City of Soldotna Adds Outdoor Ice Skating! And a new City Library!


Soldotna City Engineer Kyle Kornelis said a number of community-oriented projects are going ahead. We got an update on construction of the new city library…


Kornelis: “The library’s in full swing. We’re still progressing with the construction, things are on schedule and we’re looking forward to getting it enclosed in and working on the interior a little more and things are going well with the library.”

the library is expected to be complete in  July next year. In the meantime…

Kornelis: “I believe there’s an area cleared on Ark Lake still, where folks can go ice skate. I think the Parks Department was out there, kinda’ cleaning it up just a little bit briefly while they were making the rounds. So, to my knowledge, there’s still some ice out there to go skating on.

Kind of an idea that takes relatively little effort on the city and can provide some recreation for the community to go do some outdoor ice skating. You know, right now the community ice skating pretty much takes place indoors, which is kinda’ funny if you think about it.”

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