Getting An Offer On Your Kenai Peninsula Real Estate


It’s the greatest feeling of success-Getting an offer on
your Kenai Peninsula Real Estate. After days, weeks, or months on the market, you
FINALLY get a call from your Realtor, who will say those four words you’ve been
waiting for: ‘We have an offer!” If you’re like most people, your first
response will be – ‘How much?’

Price does matter in a huge way. But it shouldn’t be the
only thing you look at. There will also be inspections, potential deal-killers,
deadlines…and more.

In today’s market buyers are looking for, and expecting
bargains. Try not to overreact if it’s low. Talk it over with your Realtor. Your
Realtor might recommend a counter-offer. If the buyer isn’t willing to come up
and you’re not willing to come down, you might have to let the buyer walk away.
But that does mean you’ll have to stay put until you find another buyer. You’ll
also have to keep paying that mortgage. Just remember, there’s no guarantee
when you’ll get another offer.

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