Holiday Decorating Tips For Your Kenai or Soldotna Home


Sometimes decorating for the holidays can be stressful and even scary! Here are some quick and easy problem solvers that are fun to turn your Kenai or Soldotna house into a festive home!

~Use FUN, FESTIVE entry lights~

~Sideboard Radiator Cover~ Get a furniture style cover to go over the top of your radiator to make it look more “homey” and festive!

~Hang tubs for your winter gear~ To store winter items that can slip off conventional shelves, mount galvanized-steel beverage tubs to the wall above a row of coat hooks.

~Make odd seats look like a set~ It’s that time of year when you need more seats around the table at each holiday feast table. You will probably have to haul out your collection of mismatched chairs. Before the party day arrives, give orphaned chairs with flat backs a cohesive look with a coat of paint and decorative decals in dressed-up furniture styles.

~Great salvage gift ideas~ Decorative iron tub supports can be found at most such shops—and are far easier to recycle than the heavy vessels that once perched upon them. Put them to work as bookends on your desk or give them as a gift to the book-lover on your list.

~Add an easy wallpaper backsplash~ Replacing an outdated tile or stone backsplash before the kitchen gets too busy with holiday meal prep can set you back a pretty penny. For one that’s easier on the wallet—and a cinch to revamp and clean—opt for wallpaper covered with ¼-inch tempered glass.

~Personalize your decor~ Take high-resolution digital photos (at least 150 dpi) of a favorite subject, crop them to your liking, then upload them to an online fabric printer, such as Karma Kraft, Spoonflower, or Fabric on Demand. The company will transfer the images onto a material of your choice and either send you yardage to stitch up yourself or, in the case of the Karma Kraft pillows, supply the zippered covers.

~House-parts trimmings~ Even a small table-top tree can make a big statement if you set it inside a box clad with tin ceiling tiles. Place a tree in a secondary party room, away from the main event. Party guests will take the cure that there’s room to roam, and your house will fill out with revelers. For an added old-home touch, trim the tree with keyhole hardware and dollhouse doors and windows ties with ribbons.

~Keep winter wildlife invaders out~ There’s no worse time than the holidays to have unwanted house guests scurrying across your dining room floor. Unfortunately, fall and winter are prime pest invasion times. To prevent rodents and winged critters from breaking in, start by strengthening your home’s vulnerable spots.

~Update old chairs with paint~Transform even an ordinary dinner into a festive affair by perking up the legs of your dining chairs with a coat of cheerful color.

~Be bright when hanging lights~ Instead of tacking down twinklers with staples (which can damage insulation around electrical wiring) or nails (which won’t secure strands in high winds), opt for zip ties or plastic clips made especially for the job. Hook them onto gutters and shingles, and space them no more than 12 inches apart to keep swags neat, even in messy weather.

~Prep your guest room!!!!!!!!~

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