Kenai Chamber

The mission of the Kenai Chamber of Commerce is to strive to promote economic development, stimulate job growth, provide initiatives to promote local business, and foster positive relationships between business and community for the benefit of Kenai. If you have been considering becoming a member of the Kenai Chamber of Commerce, there are many benefits to help you and your business if you do. Don’t wait any longer, join the Kenai Chamber today! The Kenai Chamber of Commerce has been serving Kenai for over 55 years. This has all been made possible through successful programs, initiatives, committees and community events.

Businesses, organizations, non-profits, chambers of commerce, conventions, visitor bureaus and individuals are the memberships that make up our Kenai Chamber of Commerce. Once you are a member you can enjoy the luxuries of being provided with innovative marketing tools, educational resources and representation at the state level so your voice can be heard on issues that affect your business. Being a member also allows you to use platforms to build respected partnerships that assistance doing business in Kenai and better the community as a whole. The possibilities are endless! The first step is to get involved by signing up for a membership. Once you are a member you will notice a new door of opportunity open for you and your business right away.

Besides the benefits that you will receive from being a member, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the community. You can sponsor an event and benefit, join a committee, or you can even partake in ongoing projects that benefit the City of Kenai.

There are plenty of other benefits that you will be able to enjoy from being a member of the Kenai Chamber of Commerce. Once a member your business will be listed categorically on the web site, including contact information, a link to your web site and your email. There is a monthly newsletter, Kenai Kabin News, which features Kenai Chamber news and events and is sent to more than 350 people. You can submit business updates which will be put in the letter or put an event you are planning on the public monthly calendar. You can place inserts in the monthly newsletter to promote your business. The Kenai Chamber will also mark your Facebook page as a Kenai Chamber favorite. Another great benefit of being a member of the Kenai Chamber of Commerce is receiving a bulk mailing permit which will help you save on postage for your large mailings.

The Kenai Chamber of Commerce is currently located in a historic cabin. The cabin attracts visitors year-round and is the major attraction in the Old Town Kenai walking tour. The cabin is located at 402 Overland Avenue in Kenai.

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