With the rancorous elections finally behind us and Kenai Peninsula property prices on the rise, public sentiment is markedly improving.  Last week, Neilson released its Consumer Confidence Survey, now showing the strongest level in more than four and a half years.

My guess is that 2012 will likely mark the year that holiday tipping makes a comeback, too. “People are more generous this year because when the economy gets better, people do better.” is what international etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore had to say. The founder of the Protocol School of Palm Beach added, “They tend to be happier around the holiday time.”

That’s true outside of Palm Beach, too: many Kenai Peninsula homeowners who felt forced to become latter day Scrooges during the previous few years may be feeling slightly less anxious about the future of the family budget. Those who feel they want to thank the people who help run their households and maintain their property will, as usual, run into the perpetual query: what’s enough? What’s too much?

Like gift giving in general, tipping is totally optional – if there were hard-and-fast rules, part of the pleasure of giving (and receiving) would be lost. Nevertheless, I thought I would share these guidelines I came across in a story on Yahoo! Finance

Garbage Collector     
Suggested Tip: $15 to $30


Suggested Tip: Cost of One Session

Dog Walker
Suggested Tip: One Week’s Pay

Extracurricular Instructors
Suggested Tip: Creative Gift

Suggested Tip: Cost of One Visit

Personal Trainer
Suggested Tip: Cost of One Session

Mail/Package Delivery
Suggested Tip: Gift

Suggested Tip: Gift/Gift Cards

Favorite Real Estate Blogger

Suggested Tip: Your Next Listing

(Okay, I might have added that last one).  But with property values on the rise, if you are considering buying a home this winter, you needn’t let the holidays delay your plans.  Sometimes the best time to buy a property in Kenai is when everyone else is out shopping!

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