Kenai Peninsula Home Prices Are Just a Starting Point!


When it comes time to put their home on
the market, the Number One topic area
sellers focus on is Kenai Peninsula home prices:  home prices historically, home prices this May, projected home prices in the future. What many
sellers don’t truly realize is that they have more control over the price their
home fetches than they may think.

Smart application of remodeling dollars to maximize a
property’s salability is the earliest and most important action a homeowner can
take. If you plan to remain in your home for the foreseeable future, lifestyle
and personal preference issues will rightly get your attention. But if a move
is on your planning horizon, remodeling decisions should be hard-eyed business
decisions. In my experience, there are three rooms that buyers are particularly
interested in – and homeowners bent on raising their own Kenai Peninsula home prices should share that interest!

Kitchens can drastically
raise or lower home prices.  Since
kitchens have evolved into the major social hubs of American homes, increasing
its size can be superbly cost-effective. If there is a possibility of and
opening it up to living space by knocking down a non load-bearing wall, it is
well worth considering. Upgrading appliances to stainless steel, replacing
countertops with granite or other stone, and refinishing kitchen cabinets can
absolutely give some much-needed appeal to an outdated kitchen. Just switching
out old hardware for contemporary substitutes can add appreciably to a
kitchen’s appeal.

Families spend much of their time in
their living rooms – and even if they don’t, psychologically, it can
seem the center of family activity. A cramped, cluttered and dark space will
detract from other more attractive features of a home. A living room can be
made into a bright and welcoming space by making inexpensive changes, such as
removing all but essential furniture, painting walls a neutral color, and
removing drab window coverings to let in as much light as possible. Replacing
worn carpet with a wood laminate — or refinishing long-covered wooden floors
— can take a bit more elbow grease and budget, but can be worth the cost.

In the master bedroom, homebuyers
want to visualize a sanctuary where they can escape from the trials of their
busy lives. Simple but effective changes can make all the difference. Remove
large pieces of furniture (particularly desks and computers)…in other words,
aggressively de-clutter.  Find pale,
tranquil and soothing colors for the walls, and choose simple bed linens in
complimentary colors (think “hotel luxury”). Make sure that clothes are not on
show and that closet spaces are tidy, even if it means putting some of your
apparel into storage.

The goal is always to make changes that
allow buyers to see the potential in a home; it’s how individual local home
prices can rise above general market trends.
If you’re considering selling a property and would like to discuss home
prices on the Kenai Peninsula and ways to maximize
values, give me a call today so we can schedule a free consultation!

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