Who doesn’t give a quick second glance when they drive past a Kenai Peninsula Real Estate property for sale? Our curiosity seems almost automatic, even when we ourselves don’t have the slightest inclination to move out of our own home.

For more and more people, there’s a new reason for more serious rubbernecking when they pass one of those ‘FOR SALE’ signs. It’s about retirement.

Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research tells us that Americans’ retirement ages are rising steadily. Gallup has a more significant finding: when current workers expect to retire. At least 40% think their own retirement age will be greater than 65.

That goes along with the underlying concern serious people have about their own income during their golden years. For them, second glances at Kenai or Soldotna property for sale may be completely pragmatic: that property might represent a large chunk of their future retirement income. 

One of the reasons to give it serious consideration is the rest of the investment landscape. I’m no financial advisor, but I do listen to my clients’ attitudes and concerns. Although interest rates now seem to be on the upswing, at present their savings accounts are earning no real return — it’s hardly even an investment. In contrast, today’s property values look likely to appreciate over the long run. 

Then there’s the stock market. After the last few years’ gains, people can hardly be blamed for suspecting the accompanying risk quotient has been growing right along with the returns. On the other hand, an appealing Soldotna property for sale just feels like a comparatively secure investment. Properties don’t just disappear!

Evaluating a property for sale through the prism of its retirement value doesn’t mean it can’t contribute returns long before then. Renting it out on a residential or vacation basis can provide an extra income stream at any time, sometimes with associated tax benefits.

Consulting a trusted financial advisor is the prudent first step when considering the option of Kenai property for sale as an investment. Then I’ll be here to contribute my local expertise ­— and this summer, we’ve got some terrific prospects to choose from!


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