Kenai Peninsula Real Estate Market Remains Solid


As the lower 48 market continues to suffer, we are not feeling the same effects.   The Kenai and Soldotna real estate market remains solid and strong.   The average price and number of homes being sold on the Kenai Peninsula is up from last year.   What is even a better sign of times is the 400K plus range homes that are being sold, those numbers are on the rise and already doubled what was sold a year ago.

It just isn’t the Kenai Peninsula that is doing well, if you look at the entire Alaska real estate market we are doing well above average from the rest of the lower 48.   This has to do with our strong independent economy combined with historic low interest rates.   As long as the interest rate remain low we can count on the Kenai real estate market to continue to make steady gains.

Please check out the follow Kenai Peninsula real estate statistics.

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