Kenai, Alaska Activities:

Rafting on the Kenai Peninsula is quite diverse and can lead you to some of the most remote, picturesque and challenging sections of its many wild rivers. The most popular rafting trips include a white water rafting trip on Six Mile Creek near Hope or a more leisurely float down the upper Kenai River near Cooper Landing. For more information on these trips, please see the following links:


Hiking on the Kenai Peninsula is very popular and there are a number of well established trails of varying degrees of difficulty. For specific information on different trails and hiking locations, please see:


Glacier Cruises:
The Kenai Fjords National Park is indeed one of the most popular of all the Kenai Peninsula’s spectacular sightseeing destinations. Accessible via cruise ship from the port of Seward, this magical wonderland of steep mountain fjords, calving tidewater glaciers and abundant sea life is an awesome experience. For booking information and to see the different cruise options, please see:

Canoe rentals are available for the nearby Moose River or Swanson Lake trail through a variety of local outfitters. Typically they have several available and advance reservations are not required for a day trip. If you are interested in an overnight or guided canoe trip , please see:



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