bigstock-Fragment-of-a-nice-house-over--47696815So — you’ve decided now is the time to list your Kenai house. Put it up for sale, see what happens…

Maybe they never really were here, but one thing’s for sure: the days of simply planting a sign in the front yard and snapping a nice shot for the Kenai Real Estate listing…those days are gone!

So what comes next?


First step: pack away those omnipresent family photos. Potential buyers would probably actually be interested in seeing your family snapshots, but they are distractions: you need them to be able to see themselves living in this lovely home, something they’d have a hard time doing if the walls are spoken for by such a delightful bunch of kids and parents and pets. It may be a little bit emotional when you’re taking them down, but keep in mind that listing your home to sell for top dollar will mean that it’s only temporary: soon they’ll go right back up in your new digs.

Next step is to clear out anything that bears a resemblance to clutter. Figurines, refrigerator magnets — any items, no matter how small, that accentuate informal personality or personal décor preferences should be packed off to storage. Your listing goal is to let the buyer see the house and its features stripped of the personal paraphernalia.

Overall, if either larger maintenance or decorating projects will be advisable, make balanced choices that will keep the house as neutral as you can without interfering with its basic design appeal. That kind of depersonalizing is done by selecting paints, draperies, and bedding that are neutral in shade and tone. Less color may seem boring to you, but potential buyers will just see a clean slate – which is exactly how your property is most likely to attract a ready buyer.

The result: the interior shots in your Kenai Real Estate listing will show a home that is primed and ready for its new occupants. And that is only part of the marketing plan I will put together for you to get your home S-O-L-D this fall! Call me today to schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation.

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