Nothing Like Going Rafting


One of the greatest things about summer time, is going RAFTING! Never been? Well this is the year that you need to go!  You can go for just a few short hours, or you can plan out an all day trip, or even camp out in-between cooper landing and upper skilack! The awesome thing about this trip is you can go crazy and get extremely wet! Or you can miss the rocks all together and stay totally dry. Just depends on your level of fun.  And if you like to fish, well guess what there are some great pull offs on  your trip you can stop and fish, or even fish while floating down the river! 

  Wondering what kind of fish you can get?  Well that all depends on the time of year; there are Rainbows, Dolly’s and Salmon. All sure to put up a good fight and give you a run for your money!

Don’t forget your camera, because you are sure to get some pictures you will show for years to come!

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