Questions To Ask Before Buying A Home In Soldotna Or Kenai


If you’re new to the home buying process here in Soldotna or Kenai, take into account some of the main questions you need to ask. Most agents will ask you if you have questions and you know you need to ask something, but what do you ask? Here are the 3 main issues buyers should ask up front:
• Offering price
• Condition of home
• Location of home

Questions to ask about offering price

Home buyers usually compare prices of similar homes in the neighborhood before choosing a price, but the asking price may have very little to do with the actual value of the home or the price a buyer should offer. Make sure you ask these questions: How much did the seller pay? How much does the seller owe? How much have similar homes in the neighborhood sold for? How many offers has the seller received? How long has the house been on the market? By asking these questions you should be able to negotiate a fair price.

Questions to ask about the condition of the home

If you know that the home has structural problems or will need maintenance, you might want to take those things into considerations before putting out an offer. You will need to know: How old is the roof? What is the type of foundation? Does the home have insulation in the walls and the attic? Have any appliances been replaced and, if so, when? It is definitely a plus knowing that things have been updated especially with the appliances because there are parts that aren’t being made anymore.

Questions to ask about the location of the home

Location, location, location!!!! Most people want to buy a home in a more desirable place than not, right? Be sure to like your location, but also the places surrounding your home. When talking about location ask: What types of properties are located nearby? (This is important because your surrounding area can increase, or decrease, the value of your home!) What are the neighborhood demographics? Where are the schools? Are there nuisance factors?
Hopefully by asking these questions it will make your home buying process here in Soldotna and Kenai go smoothly!!

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