Rid Your Kenai or Soldotna Home of Winter Stench!


It’s winter time, your windows are closed, and your heater is on, and all you smell is something awful that you can’t get rid of! It’s extremely hard to air your home out during winter because of the cold, so I’m here to give you some solutions of pin-pointing your stench and getting rid of it!

Smell: Lingering Food Odors

Your cooking may smell amazing on the day you make it, but afterward? Without having to open your windows, boil a couple tablespoons of vinegar in water. That you make the most awful food smells go away. If that still doesn’t work, order some takeout next time! :)

Smell: Smoky

Your culprit for this smoky smell is probably from your draft chimney. Now, I’m sure we all love the smell of a roaring fire in the fireplace, but when the dirty soot smell lingers after the fire is out its awful! To prevent this from happening, you might want to make sure your damper has a tight seal and try to adjust your air pressure by adding more return air registers to your HVAC. Not only will this get rid of the odor, it might even help you save on your energy bill!

Smell: Skunky, Rotten

You’re not the only one who likes to escape the cold during the winter! Our little rodent friends do too. If you start to smell a pungent, rotten smell, you one of our furry friends has probably died somewhere in your home. To prevent this from even happening, make sure you check all areas around your home to make sure they are sealed. If you already have the smell and you can’t get to the source, your best bet is to get an air cleaner with an absorbent filter or an air freshener.

Smell: Must, Mold

The culprit of this smell is probably from some moisture you have in your home. There are numerous reasons why you could have too much moisture in the air, the main being too much humidity. The best way to get rid of this smell is by getting a dehumidifier, but if that doesn’t work you might want to call in a professional. Mold can cause serious health problems.

Smell: Sewage

Well, more than likely your smell is coming from your bathroom! During the winter, these odors can magnify. If you notice that the smell is coming directly from the toilet, pour a full cup of full strength vinegar. It will work wonders! Just wait for five minutes, scrub, and flush. For extra bleaching, pour hydrogen peroxide in the bowl.

Smell: Dusty Burning

Culprit: Heating system. If you notice a burning smell when you turn on your heat, it’s probably from all of the dust particles that have accumulated into your vents. To prevent the stench next time, turn your heat on briefly while it’s warm enough to open the windows for ventilation.

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