Soldotna Bathroom Remodels Can Boost Sale Value


Though things are looking up in real
estate these days, selling a home in Soldotna
is as demanding as ever. As in any serious business proposition, looking for
ways to increase the value of your offering will always pay dividends.


One of the major ways you can make your
own Soldotna home more marketable is to do a
bathroom remodel. It’s always a key focus for prospective buyers…and yes, it
does sound like a lot of work (and a lot of money) — but there are a number of
ways you can cut down on both.


First, step back and give a hardheaded
look at the conditions a remodel would correct. In a surprising number of
cases, all a bathroom really needs in order to look more glamorous and inviting
is to add a fresh coat of paint or a change in lighting.


But such quick and easy fixes are not
always enough to materially cut the time selling a home will take. The good
news is that ideas for more comprehensive solutions are now easier to find than
ever, thanks to the Internet. One such quick idea-generator can be found at
, where you can view all levels of bathroom remodeling ideas and their
associated price tags. It is the site’s free estimate feature that can make it
easier to financially plan your project.


Some of those ideas can include
installing a new bath or adding a shower. Having a separate guest toilet is
also a feature the market tells us is highly valued. Trimmings such as taps,
mirrors and cupboards also increase the value of a bathroom (and decrease the
time selling a home may require).


Everyone planning on selling a home on
the Kenai Peninsula usually has the same two underlying goals: getting as much
of a return on their investment as possible as quickly as possible. Since
bathroom remodeling can be an easy way to earn as much as a 90% return on its
cost while increasing the likelihood of a quicker sale, it’s well worth
investigating. Other possible benefits are attracting better-qualified buyers
while reducing the costs and preventing delays associated with inspections.


I am always available to provide my clients with
information on which renovations are in demand, and where you might see the
most return on your investment.  My
experience and inside knowledge can give you the advantage of using your money
as wisely as possible to optimize your home for future buyers. If you’re
considering selling a home in Soldotna, call
me anytime!

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