Soldotna House for Sale? 3 Quick Fixes


For those who are just about ready to
list their Soldotna house for sale this May, several simple yet cost-effective projects can
be sure-fire buyer-pleasers. I am often asked to help my clients identify areas
in their home that will benefit from improvements. I like to point to some
simple changes that materially help a property’s ability to compete with any
other house for sale on the Kenai Peninsula.

Here are three of my favorite
inexpensive fixes

1. Painting walls in pale neutral
.  Freshly painted walls erase
years of wear from any room. They send prospective buyers a subtle message:
here is a home where your family can create your own
memories.  Neutral tones are important,
too. While you may personally prefer rich or bright colors, potential buyers
may not. Beyond ensuring that rooms look as big, bright and airy as possible,
you want potential buyers to picture spaces where their furnishings will fit in
without redecorating. Pale beige or grey rooms work with furnishings of all
colors, and wind up appealing to the greatest number of potential buyers.

2. Clearing clutter. Clear
kitchen and bathroom countertops, consign heavy furniture to storage, and stow
the kids’ toys neatly out of sight. The object is to emphasize the impression
of sufficient space. When buyers visit any house for sale, they are most drawn
to those where it’s easy to picture all of their belongings fitting in easily –
and that takes space.

3. Keeping your cool. You want
buyers to be comfortable as they walk through your house for sale, and at the
same time want to signal that heating and cooling are not going to be
problematic. Have your heating and air conditioning systems serviced so that
they are in efficient working order. If you have a working fireplace, have the
chimney swept, and light the fire in case we run into an unexpected chilly
rainy day during a summertime open house.
If the weather cooperates and the sun is shining, open windows and doors
to create a nice fresh breeze. But if it’s too hot, be willing to crank up the

Whenever you list a house for sale, it’s
important that you put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Ask what are the key
factors you would look for, and be sure your home reflects the answers. For any
and all other questions you might have about selling your Soldotna home, I’m here to help!

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