Suppose that selling your home has become this winter’s project, so you sit down to make a list of the best way to go about it. What would you list as the first order of business?

For most of us, Job 1 would be making your Soldotna  home as attractive as possible. The most straightforward way to accomplish that is to hire a professional stager. Stagers make their living by transforming living spaces into areas that appeal to the majority of today’s homebuyers.

As convenient as the professional staging solution may be, their services do not come cheap. For folks who don’t have the budget for a top-flight stager, three basic and all-but-foolproof steps go a long way toward accomplishing the same thing.

1. Don’t Crowd the Picture

Most of our homes just naturally become cluttered and crowded: it’s a natural result of daily living. When you are selling your home, though, that clutter is the enemy. Pack away everything (really: everything!) you don’t use regularly — and even some furniture that you do. Leave only key pieces behind in each room: your home now looks more spacious.

2. Uncover the Windows

Many times, windows become blocked by blinds or curtains. While window treatments can create warmth and ‘hominess,’ opening the blinds and letting the light shine in will help the process of selling your home — especially in the thinner December light. Stagers think of this as “bringing the outdoor light indoors.” 

3. Paint Paint Paint

Paint is the stager’s not-so-secret weapon – and for you, it is a relatively low-cost way to burnish the look of your home. You already know that you should stick to neutral colors for the walls — but don’t neglect doors and trim, where subtly differing shades will add dimension. Another stager trick: consider painting adjoining rooms (such as kitchen and dining room) the same color. That can create the illusion of a larger total area.

Selling your home during winter may take a bit of extra effort, but you can be sure that those who are out viewing houses during the holidays are serious!  If you are thinking of selling your home in Soldotna, contact me today to decide if now is the right time for you.

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