Stay On Top of Your Kenai or Soldotna Home Maintenance


You probably get angry with yourself for not having called a roofer during the summer months now that your roof is leaking during the winter. A lot of people don’t think about it! It may be costly to maintain your home, but homes sell for more if they are well maintained. You really need to stick to a schedule and prioritize the needs of your Kenai or Soldotna home so that you don’t have to worry about repairing them at a bad time.

Most home maintenance can be done annually: roof maintenance (including gutters and downspouts); sealing exterior cracks; weatherproofing; a furnace and air conditioning inspection; and inspecting and cleaning the drainage system.

Mark these events on your calendar so that they can be scheduled for about a month before you’d like to have the work done. If you wait until just before the rainy season to start your annual maintenance, you could have trouble finding good contractors to help you.

Don’t wait until your roof is leaking to repair or replace it. There will be more damage to the interior of the house. Your homeowners insurance company might pay to repair the interior damage, minus the amount of your deductible, but it won’t pay to replace the roof. Too many claims could be grounds for not renewing your policy.

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