Kenai Real Estate Virtual Tours Can Be Shot with Your Own iPhone

by Chris Druesedow August 21, 2014
Kenai Real Estate

A newly-updated NAR survey confirms that 51% of agents with smartphones use iPhones. This fact is hardly startling, since these phones have been such a boon to the real estate business. Today’s agent can use apps to quickly scan and electronically sign documents, instantly get property details for clients, access key boxes—it’s almost hard to remember how we got along before! But what about the 9% of homeowners who choose to go the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) route? As many a do-it-yourself home seller has learned, just planting a sign in the front yard does not constitute much of a marketing campaign. For those who will be selling a Kenai Real Estate home this … Continue reading

Credit Score Overhaul to Affect Kenai Real Estate Mortgage Outlook

by Chris Druesedow August 19, 2014
Kenai Real Estate

For any Kenai Real Estate resident who has ever been stymied by seemingly arbitrary (or, put another way, nutty) lowering of his or her all-important credit score, next month’s beginning rollout of Fair Isaac’s new credit score model should be welcome news. It will be known as “FICO 9”—and promises to correct a few of the previous model’s inadequacies. Why now? It’s been six years since San Jose’s Fair Isaac Co. last tinkered with their credit score methodology. Hmmmm…it’s been six years, too since the financial crisis of 2007-08, which Wikipedia correctly describes as “a major global recession characterized by various systemic imbalances…including high levels of household debt…” You might expect that the accuracy of … Continue reading

Moving to Kenai Real Estate Means Vetting Reliable Carriers

by Chris Druesedow June 11, 2014

Moving to Alaska Real Estate (or moving to anywhere) is adventure enough without including one of the moving company scams that are all too common. It seems hard to believe that unscrupulous carriers can continue to operate, but the fact is, there are a lot of them out there. If you will be moving to Kenai Real Estate anytime soon, you don’t have to worry about any of the rip-off artists if you follow some straightforward guidelines: 1. Check the FMCSA The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration runs a household goods program designed to aid consumers. Their website includes a search feature that records past complaints for known companies…but be aware that only interstate movers … Continue reading

Perfect! Summer 2014 Should Be Prime Kenai Real Estate Open House Season

by Chris Druesedow May 27, 2014

Estimates so far indicate that summer 2014 is likely to be a better than usual season for Alaska Real Estate home sales. The past winter threw a wet blanket over all kinds of business activity, creating a perfect scenario for a sales bounce back—and that’s exactly what is beginning to show up in the stats. As Bloomberg News reported last week, sales of homes “climbed in April for the first time in three months…the biggest in six months…” If you will be taking advantage of the uptick by listing your property for this summer’s market, having an open house in Real Estate Kenai is a prime way to attract prospective buyers. With a little focus … Continue reading

Kenai Real Estate Curb Appeal Winners Add an Extra Touch or Two

by Chris Druesedow May 14, 2014

It’s usually the curb appeal Alaska Real Estate properties put out there that either plants a winning first impression…or a ho-hum (maybe it’s more interesting inside) reaction. This holds for casual passers-by as well as serious prospects who are pulling up for a scheduled house showing. It’s simply true: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you will be listing your home this summer, adding a thoughtful extra touch or two to the outside can transform your Real Estate Kenai property’s curb appeal into its first strong selling point. After all, what buyer won’t favor a home they’d be proud to have friends and co-workers visit? Here are some simple … Continue reading

Kenai Land

by Chris Druesedow May 11, 2014
Kenai Land for Sale

Search for beautiful Kenai Land for Sale.  Find Kenai Real Estate and Land for Sale, sign up for email alerts when Kenai real estate hits the market.  Kenai Real Estate is in a HOT MARKET. At the heart of the Kenai Peninsula is the city of Kenai (Kee-Nie). With a population of 7,100, Kenai is full of breathtaking scenery and amazing wildlife, it also has a prolific history of native and Russian settlements and culture. Kenai was incorporated in 1960 and is 29 square miles. This is the place to go if you are looking for an Alaskan adventure and it also provides something for everyone. The Kenai River is known worldwide for its fishing. … Continue reading

Kenai Real Estate $100,000 – $200,000

by Chris Druesedow May 8, 2014
Kenai Real Estate

#1 Kenai Real Estate Team, Chris Druesedow.  We will fight for you and get you the best possible price.  Work with the best and be represented by our top notch Kenai Real Estate Team! [property_overview city= Kenai price=100000-200000 type=single_family_home sorter=on sort_by=price sort_order=DESC]

Kenai Real Estate up to $100,000

by Chris Druesedow May 8, 2014
Kenai Real Estate

[property_overview city= Kenai price=0-100000 type=single_family_home sorter=on sort_by=price sort_order=DESC]

Kenai Peninsula Lakefront

by Chris Druesedow May 8, 2014
Kenai Lakefront Homes

Lakefront properties in the Kenai Peninsula are highly sought after.  Create an account and receive daily updates on available Lakefront homes.  Soldotna, Kenai and more lakefront listings. The Kenai Peninsula has the most diverse economy in the state of Alaska. Major industries like oil and gas, commercial fishing and tourism remain strong on the peninsula. Exploration, extraction, storage, processing/manufacturing and transportation are what make up the oil and gas industry. Five species of salmon, halibut, and three types of crab, shrimp, clams, scallops, herring and various ground fish are traditionally what makes up the commercial harvest and processing of fish in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. The fasted growing industry in the borough is tourism. The … Continue reading

Kenai Real Estate Upward Momentum Frames Commercial Property Picture

by Chris Druesedow April 30, 2014

This year, it looks as if the busy spring real estate season extends beyond the residential arena. Latest reports show commercial property sales on the rise throughout the nation—and in volumes that make it one of the main contributors to the overall economic upturn. The most reliable data comes from the National Association of Realtors®, whose latest quarterly survey shows year-over-year sales increasing a full 11% (with prices rising 4%). It’s an encouraging backdrop for businesspeople and individual investors who are gauging the opportunities in today’s Alaska Real Estate commercial property market. Despite the vagaries of the tax and political climate (it is an election year, after all), with rental rates increasing and leasing activity … Continue reading

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