Time To Sell Your House On The Kenai Peninsula?


Every homeowner can have all sorts of
reasons for selling their Kenai house. Those
in the boomer generation can be in one of the traditional phases of retirement
(planning, transitioning, initiating) or perhaps in one of the newly-popular
phases (postponing, rejecting).


For them and everyone else, the decision
about whether to sell the house falls into one of two categories: those
triggered by economic pressures — or all the other reasons. In all cases,
being in control of the timing of your house sale will put you in control of
the process. That pays off.


Even if the money factor doesn’t rule,
it’s vital to first do some hard-nosed dollars-and-cents calculations before
putting your house on the market. Find out what a realistic listing price range
will be. I or another experienced real
estate professional can be a major asset in establishing this: you can count on
a complimentary consultation that will offer comparable current values of Kenai house sales.


Then consider current rental rates for a
house like yours. Sometimes you will be surprised to find that the most
beneficial course would be to rent your house for an interim period, especially
in light of some evidence that a market rise is just beginning. When you are
penciling out these factors, be sure to include realistic maintenance expenses
and, if you are moving out of the area, property management fees. I can help
here, too.


If financial pressure is the key
motivating factor, make sure you have weighed the alternatives before sealing
the decision to sell your house. If you haven’t done so already, find out if
refinancing is an option. The first answer isn’t necessarily the final one:
check with other financial sources as well as your current mortgage holder.
Mortgage rates are lower than ever, and if unmanageable mortgage payments are
at issue, this could be the most direct route to reducing that outflow and
giving you time to sell on your own timetable.


Being methodical and patient when
deciding about any house sale can make a big difference in the bottom line. I’m
here to provide current Kenai Peninsula
information and guidance that will help make that possible.

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