As soon as you are offered a great new job or promotion – even if it’s in a new town — your natural response is, “Absolutely, yes!” After all, you landed the opportunity because you are a go-getter — someone who solves problems!

Experience teaches that seamless relocation to the Kenai Peninsula (or anywhere) takes some determined preparation. Even after you’ve identified your new house, there are a few significant hurdles to clear before happily settling into a new community.

Here are four common mistakes new buyers in Kenai have made in the past…and how you can avoid them:

1)      Not Getting Loan Pre-Approval – Once you pack the cartons and load the truck, locating all those documents the bank requests can become next to impossible.  Get it done before the relocation begins!

2)      Not using the right moving company. Moving companies have a wide variety of costs and guarantees. Some give you a fixed price; others leave the final costs up in the air. Promised dates can also make or break a move (speaking of breaking, equally important is having insurance to cover damaged items).

3)      Not using licensed local professionals. In relocation, it is terrifically important to hire experienced Kenai appraisers and Realtors®. Also, an absolute must is a thorough inspection by a licensed member of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

4)      Canceling an existing lease too soon. Not every deal closes on time, and if you have given a current landlord notice to vacate the day your purchase transaction is scheduled to close, a week’s delay can create moving mayhem!

There are many avoidable pitfalls when planning relocation to the Kenai Peninsula, but having the right pros by your side will help you avoid them.  If you are relocating to Kenai, I’m here to help every step of the way.

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