For homeowners preparing a Kenai house for sale, it’s often the single most difficult decision: what about the kitchen? When the kitchen is undeniably past its prime, it can be a true dilemma. We all know that kitchens can sell a home, but when the budget for a full-blown remodel doesn’t make financial sense, what are the alternatives?

Enter remodeling’s more practical first cousin: refacing. Faster, cheaper — and sometimes every bit as effective — kitchen refacing is a widely overlooked solution to a dated or otherwise less-than-desirable kitchen. It may not be the whole answer: sometimes appliance replacement needs to be seriously considered; sometimes a flooring problem can’t be ignored. It’s likely that hardware will need to be replaced. But refacing (covering the exposed surfaces of cabinets or countertops with a new fabricated surface) can result in the most dramatic cosmetic impact of all. Whether a thin veneer of real wood or long-lasting plastic laminate is used, before listing a Kenai Peninsula Real Estate house for sale, it can pay to factor in refacing’s practical advantages:

  • Refacing costs about half as much as a traditional remodel.
  • A refacing project should take less than a week — ideal for sellers with a short timeframe for getting their house on the market.
  • It’s a green solution: old cabinetry isn’t sent to the landfill, and some surfaces made from recycled materials are available.

Refacing may not fix an truly unworkable kitchen design, and you still need to resist the temptation to blow the budget on higher-end finishes, but in many cases, it solves the problem in a most practical way.

If you are readying your house for sale this spring and could use a second pair of eyes, I hope you’ll contact me for an in-home visit. We can go over the areas of your home that will most benefit from improvement, and prepare a marketing strategy that will turn your “house for sale” sign into one that reads “sold”!

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