Why Kenai and Soldotna Buyer’s Agents’ Phones Are Ringing


Tenant or Owner? With rental rates
rising, a lot more tenants in the Kenai Peninsula area are
likely to be wondering whether they should be taking a new look at their
residence situation.

Conceptually, paying your own mortgage
has always seemed more appealing than paying a landlord’s mortgage every
month.   Especially this time of year, when tax time puts the whole
year’s finances out there on one piece of paper, seeing how thousands of
dollars have slipped away for another year can be a little frustrating.  Not surprisingly, then, this is a time of
year when, as a buyer’s agent, I begin hear the phone ring a little more often!

Seen from the long term perspective,
dollars put toward a home you are buying go toward building a future —
something rent dollars cannot do. But there are more intangible benefits to
owning versus renting: control over the title being potentially the most
valuable.  Any tenant who has been forced
to move because the homeowner needed to sell, or was foreclosed upon, or
decided to move back in himself, is someone who has learned the value of
controlling when their next family move should happen.

For tenants newly considering becoming a
first-time homeowner, consulting a reputable Kenai Peninsula buyer’s agent is the place to start. An experienced buyer’s agent can help you
determine a practical budget, and then guide the pre-qualifying process to make
it happen.

The next step will be to identify
properties that fall within your budget.
Are there neighborhoods you have always wanted to live in, but thought
you couldn’t afford?  In today’s market,
just about every neighborhood – even the most chichi ones – have experienced
some foreclosures.  A buyer’s agent can
help you identify potential homes at bargain prices.  Some might need a little work, but the
long-range payoff can be worth it.

The bottom line? Everyone has to pay to
live somewhere, and in today’s market, owning a home in the Kenai Peninsula area is more attainable than ever.
With mortgage rates still at near-historic lows,
if you are on the verge of becoming a former renter, now is the time to consult
a reputable Kenai Peninsula buyer’s agent.  I am always available for questions — and
would be happy to schedule a pre-qualification consultation anytime you decide
it is worth exploring.


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