Why You Should Use a Realtor in Kenai or Soldotna


If you’re looking to buy or sell your home in Kenai or Soldotna and you planned on doing it yourself, you might want to reconsider. Buying a home is probably one of the biggest transactions of your life so why not use a realtor to help you through this process. I’m going to give you a dozen reasons why it’s important to use a realtor through the process of buying or selling your home!

1. Your Realtor can help you determine your buying power– If you give your realtor some of your background on your savings, debt, and income they can help you find a lender that is qualified to help you. Most lenders offer limited choices.

2. Your Realtor has many resources to assist you in your home search– Your agent is able to research properties for you that you might be interested in, but aren’t actively advertised on the market.

3. Your Realtor can assist you in the selection process by providing objective information about the property– He/She can give you the information about utilities, zoning, schools, etc. You should always know if the environment you will be living in is going to provide everything you want, and if you wanted to sell your home in the future would it have resale value.

4. Your Realtor can help you negotiate– There are many negotiating factors you need to consider. Your realtor can help you negotiate price, financing, terms, date of possession, and often if the home will include or exclude furnishings, repairs, and equipment.

5. Your Realtor provides due diligence during the evaluation of the property– Depending on the area, your realtor can help provide you with professionals to help inspect your future home for termites, dry rot, asbestos, faulty structure, roof condition, septic tank, and well tests just to name a few!!

6. Your Realtor can help you find a qualified lender and help you understand your different financing options.

7. Your Realtor can help you through the closing process so everything flows smoothly.

8. When selling your home, your REALTOR® can give you up-to-date information on what is happening in the marketplace and the price, financing, terms and condition of competing properties– These are key factors at getting your home sold quickly!!!

9. Your Realtor markets your home to other agents and to the public– Your agent acts as the marketing coordinator. They advertise your home to other real estate agents and to the public often to try and bring in a buyer.

10. Your Realtor will know when, where, and how to advertise your property– A lot of times, referrals come in because of previous clients, friends, family members, and personal contacts. With a realtor, you don’t have to allow strangers into your home. They will usually prescreen and accompany pre-qualified prospects onto your property.

11. Your Realtor can help you evaluate every buyer’s proposal without compromising your marketing position– Your realtor will be able to help you write a legally-binding agreement that will more than likely make it through the process.

12. Your Realtor can help close the sale of your home– At the time of the closing, many questions may arise. Unexpected repairs sometimes happen. The paperwork is usually so overwhelming for the seller, so having a realtor to help you objectively get you through this process is so helpful.

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