bigstock-Fragment-of-a-nice-house--26752106 For veteran homeowners, a move from one property to the next is usually prompted by family, job, or budget considerations — factors which tell them where to begin. But for first-time house-hunters, they have to be thinking, “With all these houses for sale in Kenai, where do I start?”

The questions abound. Should they buy a home that will accommodate an expanding family…or look for a starter house, planning to upsize as the family (and, hopefully, the income) expands? Should they be shopping for a fixer-upper, or will that route ultimately prove more expensive? Do the houses for sale appearing in Kenai Peninsula Real Estate, online Multiple Listing Service comprise the entire market, or are there some that aren’t included? And why???

Then there are wider questions, with answers aren’t easy to come by. Are the houses for sale in Kenai —  the ones that are viewable online right now — a typical mix? Are they listed at fairly typical prices…or is the current crop in some way unusual? If I hold off until fall (or winter, or even spring!) how likely is it that I might find better deals?

Getting dependable answers to those questions are one reason why first-timers need to be able to turn to someone with a wide range of experience as an observer and participant in the Kenai Peninsula real estate market — someone whose knowledge can be relied upon throughout the house-hunting process. If it seems as if this description seems to fit an experienced Kenai Peninsula real estate agent, you’re not wide of the mark!

Newcomers to such a high-stakes process will be pleased to know that a licensed Realtor® can supply the pieces of the puzzles described above without a single dollar being charged up front. Acting as the buyer’s agent, a Realtor is paid only after a deal is consummated. What’s more, the fee charged comes as a percentage of the purchase price ­— so it’s actually paid out of what the seller receives. That’s just one more reason why, as you begin to sort through the Kenai houses for sale, it’s a great idea to give me a call!

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